Downloading from
There are two different types of files that you can download from your site.
Embedded Files
If you see an icon on the screen like this example, then the file is attached to the page you are viewing. To download the file, do one of the following.
A. Download the file to your Harddrive
To download the file to your harddrive just right click on the icon and select "Save Target As" to download the file to your system.

After downloading, you will then need to open the file with the proper application.
B. Download & Open the File
If you have a application that supports the embedded file, they you can just double click to download the file and have it open right in the application.

This method isn't normally suggested since you must have the application and the size of the file (large user's manuals) may take to long to open.
Direct Downloads as Links
In the case of downloading Software Drivers from the system, you will be presented with a link (Example: Download), which will connect you to our ftp server and start downloading the file directly to your system.

You should make a note of the location where you save the file, since you will need to install/run the file when your finished.
If you have more questions regarding downloading file from your site, please contact our solution specialists through the "Contact Us" section.