Chapter 0: Introduction


Chapter 1: Meet Your Okimate 20

     General Printer Information

     Getting Started

         Setting Up

         Inserting Ribbon

         Inserting Paper

         Running a Self-Test

         Connecting to a Computer

     More about OKIMATE 20:

         Control Panel

         Choosing the proper paper

         Paper sizes

         How to insert computer paper

         Inserting single sheets

         Using roll paper

         Removing the Control Module

Chapter 2: Working with Okimate 20

     Connecting Your Okimate 20

         Printing with software packages

         Color Printing with Software

         Programming on your own

         LPRINT statement

         Printable Codes in Commands

     Programming commands - Character Size

         Double-width Printing

         Print Quality




         IBM Character Sets

         Line Spacing

         Fine Line Spacing

         Line feed

         Horizontal Tabs

         Form Feeds

         Perforation Skipping

         Cancel function

         Power-up features

Chapter 3: Advanced Programming

     Advanced Programming Control

         Color Text Printing

         Custom characters - Downline loading


         Color Graphics

Chapter 4: Printer Maintenance

     Printer Care and Troubleshooting

         Cleaning Up

         Replacing the Printhead


         Service Information

         Specifications - Okimate20

     Trademarks used in this handbook

Appendix A: Interfacing and Switch Settings

     Switch Settings & Cabling

         Switch settings for Parallel Plug 'n Print Kit ...

         Switch settings for Serial Plug 'n Print Kit ...

         Cable Requirements

Appendix B: Characters

     IBM Character Set

Appendix C: Programming guide

     Programming guide & Control Codes

Appendix D: Warranty and Repair Information

     Product Warranty Information

Appendix E: FCC Statement

     Product FCC Statement