Does OKI have a Recycle Program?

OKI does have a Recycling Program for its Toners. This is just one of numerous options OKI customers have for disposing their waste toner cartridges

OKI customers have a number of options for proper handling of their empty Toner Cartridges.

For example,many of the office supply stores (Staples, for example) accept empty toner cartridges andoften provide
discount coupons for future purchases.

Many cities and towns now have recycling centers that will take consumer electronics waste.

If these options are not convenient for you, we also offer a Toner Recycling Program.
The instructions are simple to follow:
    1) Go to our website (www.okidata.com)
    2) Click on the "About Us" drop down menu (top right of the home page)
    3) Select "Toner Recycling" and follow the instructions


    4) Paste this link into your browser - http://www.okidata.com/mkt/html/nf/RecyclingProgram_Toner.html
    This will take you directly to the Recycle Program instructions.
We are constantly evaluating our recycling options. Just go to our website for the most up-to-date information.