Error Code Information for the B6500 Series Printer
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What do the error codes mean on the B6500 printers?

Error Code "SE xx" : Service Error xx are failure codes that may result in servicing of the printer.

First, try resetting the unit, turning the power off and back on. The printer may have received invalid or corrupt information. If the problem is repeated, servicing of the printer is necessary, see additional information below related to the specific messages:

SE 01 : Invalid OEM Setting - Wrong printer configuration.
SE 02 : Software Exception.
SE 03 : CPU/hardware Exception.
SE 09 : Wrong controller hardware revision detected.
SE 10 : Software Message Exception.
SE 13 : FLASH memory failure (related to "bad block" table).
SE 14 : PCL Interpreter Software Exception.
SE 15 : Wrong or unknown engine-model detected.
SE 16 : Invalid Network Interface hardware configuration.
SE 17 : Communication failure with Network 1 interface card.
SE 18 : Communication failure with Network 2 interface card.


B6500; B6500dn; B6500dtn; B6500n
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