OKI -- Color Correct Utility - v2.31

The Color Correct utility is designed to help adjust how RGB colors are printed. The utility has the following functions: Office Palette Tuning This function allows you to adjust the colors commonly found in office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. This feature is useful for making changes to the way that specific colors are printed. For example, if you had a logo that had to be printed with a specific color, you could use this function to tweak how the color was printed. For Office Palette Tuning, colors are adjusted by making reference to a chart that shows the effect of moving the colors in one direction or another. Hue & Saturation Tuning This function allows you to adjust colors by modifying the Hue, Saturation and Gamma. This is useful if you wish to change the overall color of a print. Gamma Adjustment allows control over the overall light, dark and contrast of an image. Hue/Saturation adjustment allows control over the intensity and lightness of the colors. Once adjustments are made using the utility, they can be selected in the printer driver's Color tab and applied to your job when printed.
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C5100n; C5150n; C5200n; C5200ne; C5300n; C5300nccs; C5400; C5400dn; C5400dtn; C5400n; C5400tn; C7300; C7300ccs; C7300dxn; C7300n; C7350hdn; C7350n; C7500dxn; C7500n; C7500nccs; C7550hdn; C7550n; C9300; C9300dxn; C9300dxn Color Signage Printer; C9300n; C9300nccs; C9500dxn; C9500dxn-ProStudioEdition; C9500dxn Color Signage Printer; C9500dxnccs

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