How to avoid Paper Jams from happening?

Paper handling is key to ensure trouble-free printing. However, sometime paper jams occur. What can I do to avoid this from happening?

You can improve paper feeding and avoid jams in your OKI printer, particularly when inserting new paper, by following these tips:

Use the following steps to insure paper is loaded in the paper Tray correctly. This will help prevent many paper feed problems.

Loading Paper

1) Open the paper tray to insert paper.

2) Fan the stack of paper before placing it in the tray. This will shake out any paper dust and reduce any static in the paper, two major causes of paper mis-feeds.

Place the stack in the tray under the tabs.
Do not fill above the "PAPER FULL" mark.

3) Adjust the tray Guides for the correct paper size. (The Tail Guide shown below should be touching the paper, but not jammed against the paper).
4) Gently slide the Tray into the printer, and push closed until the tray locks in place.

Tips for avoiding Paper Jams:

-Be sure to use paper specified for this type of printer. See User Manual for detailed information on recommended media.

-When printing on heavy/thick types of paper, it is best to use the manual feed tray in the front of the printer. This will provide a straighter paper path to prevent potential paper jams.

-Periodically wipe the rubber rollers inside the area that holds the paper tray with a soft cloth. Paper dust and and simple wear may cause these rubber rollers to slip and not feed the paper properly. This simple step can help avoid many misfeed problems.