How do I install my printer driver?

I need a driver file installed so my computer can communicate with my Oki Data printer. How do I install the driver?

Installing the correct printer driver is usually a straight-forward process.
To help you complete your driver installation, we will need a few pieces of information.
If you plan to call us, please come prepared with this information.
This will greatly simplify the process. We will need to know the following:

    Your Operation System (ex. – Windows Vista, XP, 7, Mac Snow Leopard, Tiger, Linux, etc)
      o For Windows-based PC’s, right-click on the “My Computer” icon. Select “Properties”. The Operating System will be listed on the “General” tab
      o For a Mac, click on the Apple, go to “About this Mac” and everything you need will be there
    Operation System version number
    Whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit

    After you get this information, if you need further assistance, please email us at support@okidata.com or call Oki Data Customer Support (1-800-654-3282).