Using Transfer Media w/ Oki Data Printers

I'd like to use an Oki Data printer with my Transfer media (for T-Shirt printing, for example). Which ones work best?

There are many transfer media suppliers, and using transfer media is only recommended under very specific conditions where all printer settings, particularly media weight and type, are configured properly. The media provider should provide details of the media and how best to use it in a laser based printer. Transfer media is unique, and based on the thickness, and coatings, can be a challenge when printing.

Because there are so many types on the market, we recommend calling our 1-800-OKIDATA support line, so we can help you identify the type of media, proper settings, and even sending us sample media for evaluation. Using unapproved media, or improper settings, will cause jams, toner offset (coming off) and may damage the fuser, and these may not be covered under the manufacturers' warranty.

The information below will help in identifying and resolving issues that can occur with transfer media. It is always best to fully understand the type of media (including providing samples when possible), to determine how best (or if) this media can be supported.


Consider using a "heavy" media setting (depending on the media), and running the media from MP tray one sheet at a time.


Symptom: Getting multifeeds out of Tray X or the MPT

Answer: This media should only be run one sheet at a time from the MPT.
Symptom: Fuser jams
Answer: The media was likely damp, store sealed in a dry location (it should be shipped and stored in a plastic bag or protected wrapper) or the media settings are incorrect.

Symptom: Getting toner offset
Answer: Heavy toner coverage can result in offset with this media. Run several sheets of blank paper to clear toner and retry, using a heavier weight selection or what is recommended by the supplier.

Please call the 800-OKIDATA support line to learn more about printing and transfer media.