Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix a Toner Sensor Error?

Printer is giving me a "Toner Sensor Error" message. How do I clear this message so I can print?

Windows 7 Driver Support

Support information and links on how the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system affects your OKI product.

What does "Fatal Error" mean?

Printer has displayed a "Fatal Error" message. This simply means a problem has occurred requiring you to take action. It does NOT mean that your printer has "died".

How to set up an IP Address?

I need to set up an IP address for my networked printer. How do I do that? There are several ways this can be done.

Windows 8 Printer Driver Support

Support information and links on how the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system affects your OKI product.

What are the differences between GDI, PCL and Post Script printers?

Why does it matter whether I have a GDI, PCL or Post Script printer?

How do I replace the toner cartridge on my printer?

I'm getting a "Toner Empty" message. How do I replace my toner?

How can I contact Oki Data Technical Support?

I need help to set up, install or fix a printer problem. Where can I go for help?

How to avoid Paper Jams from happening?

Paper handling is key to ensure trouble-free printing. However, sometime paper jams occur. What can I do to avoid this from happening?

How do I install my printer driver?

I need a driver file installed so my computer can communicate with my Oki Data printer. How do I install the driver?

Where can I find my OKI Printer Serial Number?

I'm being asked for my printer's Serial Number. Where can I find it?

Does OKI have a Recycle Program?

OKI does have a Recycling Program for its Toners. This is just one of numerous options OKI customers have for disposing their waste toner cartridges

Where can I find "technical tips" or "how to" documents on my product to do my own troubleshooting?

I'd like to try my own troubleshooting to see if I can solve my own problem. Where can I find OKI's "technical tips" or knowledgebase?

What is the difference between LED and Laser printer technology?

Why do we believe LED based printers are better than Laser printers?

How do I set the "top-of-form" on my SIDM / Dot Matrix Printer?

I keep losing my "T-O-F" or top-of-form setting on my continuous SIDM or dot matrix printer. How do I set the top-of-form?

Fax Basics and Troubleshooting Tips for your All-in-One MFP Printer

Why is your Phone System important in setting up the Fax Option on your All-in-One Printer? Do you know how to set up the Fax Option on your MFP? Need some basic Troubleshooting tips for your Fax Option?

Benefit of using OKI Toners vs Compatible or Re-manufactured Toners

You may wonder, "Why should I pay to use Oki Data Toners when I can buy a 'compatible' or 're-manufactured' toner for less money?"
Here is an independent study that proves statistically that using OKI-brand Toners is a better value.

How do I register on the Business Partner Exchange (BPX)? (Dealer only)

I'm a new Oki Data dealer and I want access to the BPX. How do I register to gain access?

Tips for Achieving the Best Print Quality On Envelopes Using Oki Printers

Selecting the right type of Envelope and using the right feeding techniques will ensure consistent quality printing of Envelopes using Oki printers. The document attached below gives recommendations to help you achieve this.

Where can I buy parts, consumables or printers?

Where can I purchase a part to repair my printer? Where can I buy a replacement Toner, Drum, Fuser or Transfer Belt? Where can I buy a new printer?

Driver Support for Mac OS X.7.x

I need a Driver for my OKI printer to work with my Mac OS X.7.x. Is one available?

How can I become an authorized Oki Data dealer?

I would like to become authorized to sell Oki Data products. What do I have to do?

Using Transfer Media w/ Oki Data Printers

I'd like to use an Oki Data printer with my Transfer media (for T-Shirt printing, for example). Which ones work best?