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Chapter 6 Daily Care
(Technical Reference for B6200-B6300)

To use OkiWebRemote, follow the procedures below to activate the web browser.

1. Activate the computer and web browser.

2. At the address column of the web browser, enter the IP address or URL of the printer and then press the <Enter> key.

Example of a URL entry Example of an IP address entry

Note: When specifying port number, add ":" and "80" (default port number) after the address. The port number can be changed under [Network] > [HTTP].

When connecting to OkiWebRemote from the web browser after changing the port number, add the port number after ":" in the address.

The [Status] screen appears.

3. If you want to configure each settings of the printer, press [Login] to login to this printer.

Note: The user name (administrator’s name) for login to the printer is fixed at "root". And the password is the last six characters of the MAC address (factory defaults).

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