C5510nMFP Setup Guide

Chapter 2 Configuring Your MFP
Configuring from the OKI Management Utility (OKI MFP Network Setup Tool)

This tool provides a convenient way to remotely configure all OKI MFP on the network.

1. Click Start > Setting > OKI MFP Network Setup Tool > OKI MFP Network Setup Tool

2. Double click on the New Device icon.

3. Enter the IP Address.

4. Right-click the C5510 MFP icon when it appears to open the program.

5. Use the OKI Management Utility (OKIMFP Network Setup Tool) to define parameters for TCP/IP, SMTP and POP3 protocols. Then use it to manage your network connected MFP, including the address book, profiles, color adjustment and LDAP Management tools. Click on the utility’s HELP tool for more information.