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Chapter 8 Consumables
(C6100 series User's Guide)
Replace the Belt Unit


The belt unit is located under the four image drums.
1.Press the cover release. Open the printer's top cover fully.

If the printer has been powered on, the fuser is HOT. This area is clearly labelled. Do not touch it.

2.Note the positions of the four image drums: Cyan (1),
Magenta (2), Yellow (3), Black (4). It is essential that they go back in the correct order!
3.Lift each of the image drum units out of the printer.
Place them on a flat surface in a safe place away from direct sources of heat and light.
The green surface at the base of each image drum is very delicate and light sensitive.
  • Do not touch the green surface.
  • Never expose the drum to direct sunlight or to very bright room lighting.
  • Do not expose it to normal room light for more than 5 minutes.
  • If the image drum must be out of the printer for longer than 5 minutes, place the image drum inside a black plastic bag or carefully place it in a drawer or cabinet to keep it away from light.

4.Locate the two blue locks (1) and the handle (2).
5.Turn the two locks about 45 counterclockwise to release the belt.
6.Pull up the handle and lift the belt unit out of the printer.
7.Unpack the new belt unit. Hold it with the blue handle toward the front of the printer.
8.Place the drive gear at the back of the belt unit in the
gear at the left rear corner of the printer. Lower the belt unit into the printer.
9.Turn the two belt locks about 45 clockwise to secure the belt unit in place.
10.Place the four image drums/toner cartridges back in the printer (1 = Cyan, 2 = Magenta, 3 = Yellow, 4 = Black).

It is essential that they go back in the correct
11.Close and latch the top cover.

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