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Chapter 5 Replacing Consumables
(C5150n-C5200ne/C5200n User's Guide)
Fuser Replacement
OKI 42625501 (120V)
OKI 42625502(230V)



If the printer has recently been powered on, some fuser components will be very hot. Handle the fuser with extreme care, holding it only by its handle, which will only be mildly warm to the touch.
A warning label clearly indicates the area. If in doubt, switch the printer off and wait at least 10 minutes for the fuser to cool before opening the printer cover.
1.Press the cover release and open the top cover fully.
2.Pull the two blue fuser lock levers (1) towards the front of the printer.
3.Holding the fuser by its handle, lift the fuser out of the printer. If the fuser is still warm, place it on a flat surface which will not be damaged by heat. After letting the fuser cool down, discard it.
4.Remove the new fuser from its packaging, then remove any packing tape.
5.Push the orange transport lock to the left to release it (you’ll hear it snap), then remove the transport lock and the orange band:
6.Holding the new fuser by the handle, with the fuser pressure release lever (1) on the right, lower the fuser into the printer.
7.Push the two blue retaining levers (1) toward the rear of the printer to lock the fuser in place.
8.Gently wipe the corresponding LED head surface with the LED lens cleaner supplied with the toner cartridge.
9.Close and latch the top cover.

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