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Chapter 5 Replacing Consumables
(C5150n-C5200ne/C5200n User's Guide)
Image Drum Replacement


* nnn: ZZZZ =

352: CYAN
353: BLACK

Drum ColorOKI Order #

1.Place two sheets of paper on your working surface to protect it. You will put the image drum and toner cartridge on the paper while replacing them.
2.Press the cover release and open the top cover fully.

If the printer has been powered on, the fuser is hot. This area is clearly labelled. Do not touch it.
3.Note the positions of the four drums: Cyan (1), Magenta (2), Yellow (3), Black (4):
4.Lift the image drum, complete with its toner cartridge, out of the printer and put it down on one of the sheets of paper.
5.With the colored toner release lever (1) to the right, pull the lever towards you. This will release the bond between the toner cartridge and the image drum.
6.Lift the right-hand end of the toner cartridge, move the cartridge to the right, and remove the toner cartridge from the image drum. Place the toner cartridge on a sheet of paper to avoid marking your furniture.
7.Discard the used image drum in accordance with your local regulations.

The green image drum surface at the base of the cartridge is very delicate and light sensitive. Do not touch it and do not expose it to normal room light for more than 5 minutes. If the drum unit needs to be out of the printer for longer than this,
please wrap the cartridge inside a black plastic bag to keep it away from light. Never expose the drum to direct sunlight or very bright room lighting.
8.Unpack the new image drum.

Image drum handling: The image drum contains toner. To avoid spilling toner, be careful to keep it upright.
9.Grasp the white tape tab and peel the tape off the drum.
10.Remove the paper sheet, then the clear plastic film
11.If present, remove the silica gel pack.
12.Place the image drum in the printer.
13.Remove the orange drum seal.
14.Install the toner cartridge in the image drum.
15.Push back the toner cartridge lock lever.
16.Gently wipe the corresponding LED with a lens cleaner pad or a soft cloth.
17.Close and latch the top cover.

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