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Chapter 7 Troubleshooting
(C5150n-C5200ne/C5200n User's Guide)
Paper feed problems
If paper jams are frequent:

Possible causeRemedy
The printer is not horizontal.Place the printer on a stable, level surface.
The paper is too thin.Use the correct type of paper (see Media Recommendations).
The paper is moist or affected by static.Store paper within specified temperature and humidity levels (see "Specifications").
The paper is creased
or wrinkled.
Remove the creased/wrinkled paper from the feed tray.
The paper is not
aligned correctly.
Adjust tray or manual feed guides.
Paper doesn’t feed.Correct paper feed selection in the printer driver:
• Postscript emulation:
Windows 98 and Me = Paper tab
Windows 2000/XP = Paper/Quality tab
Windows NT 4.0 = Setup tab.
• PCL emulation:
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/ NT 4.0 = Setup tab.

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