MC362w/MC562w - Google Cloud Print Firmware Update (Windows)
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Installation and Setup
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Confirm and Complete (if needed) Google Cloud Print Firmware Update (Windows)

Confirm Firmware Support:

If you recently purchased your OKI printer, the device may already be Google Cloud Print enabled. To check if your OKI printer currently supports Google Cloud Print, check the following:

    1. On the OKI device, press the [Setting] button.

    2. [Google Cloud Print] will be displayed as a menu item.

    3. If [Google Cloud Print] is not a menu option, the printer firmware can be updated. Skip to the Download Firmware Update Tool section.

    4. If [Google Cloud Print] already appears as a menu item, please see the Google Cloud Print User’s Manual for help configuring the device.

Download Firmware Update Tool:

To update the printer firmware OKI has provided a web page from which you may download an automatic update tool:

    3. To download the Firmware Update Tool, click the Windows link.

    4. Please take a moment to read the Software License Agreement then click the I Agree check box to accept and click Download.

    5. Once the download completes navigate to your Downloads folder and double click the file.

    6. Select your language and click OK.

    7. Please take a moment to read the Software License Agreement then click the I Agree check box to accept and click Next.

    8. Carefully review the warnings on this screen as failure to do so could result in damage to your OKI printer. Click Next when complete.

    9. Verify that “The latest version of the firmware…” is selected and click Next.

    10. Click the Start Search button at the top left of the screen.

    11. Select your device in the upper pane. The serial number, connection type, and update availability will be displayed in the lower pane. If your OKI printer is a network device, the IP address and MAC address will also be displayed.

    12. If you receive a “Device not found” error when searching for a network printer, you can add the IP address of the printer to the Network Search Range in Environment Setting. To obtain the IP address press the following on your OKI printer: [Setting]-[View Information]-[Network]-[Network Information]

    13. After a connection your printer has been established select the printer in the top pane and click Next.

    14. You will be prompted for your printer’s Administrator password. The default password is aaaaaa (6 lower case a’s). Enter the password and click Start update.

    15. The firmware update tool will display a progress bar confirming that the files are being downloaded. Once the download completes, the update will begin. During this process, your OKI printer panel will read:

      Wait a moment.

      Executing maintenance.

    16. The following confirmation shows the update was successful. Click Next.

    17. Once completed, the below confirmation will show in the update tool and the printer display will show “PASSED”. Please wait at least 60 seconds and then reboot the printer.

    18. Once your OKI printer has rebooted, confirm that [Google Cloud Print] is now a menu option by pressing the [Setting] button on the printer operator panel.

    19. You may now configure the device to work with Google Cloud Print by following the instructions in the Google Cloud Print User’s Manual.

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MC362w; MC562w
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