OKI -- Windows 7 Printer Support

This printer driver is resident to Windows 7 operating system which implies the driver is included in Windows 7.

To install the driver,
  • connect the printer to your Windows 7 computer
  • Windows 7 will automatically detected and install the appropriate driver

    Note: If Windows 7 does not install the appropriate driver, please perform the following:
    1. Click "Devices and Printers"
    2. Click "Add Printer"
    3. Choose "Add Local printer" or "Add Network printer"
    4. Select "Port"
    5. Click "Next"
    6. Click "Windows Update" button to obtain additional drivers
    Typically Windows Update will take 5-10 minutes, depending on the computer speed and Network connection.
  • Operating Systems:
    Windows 7 x64 Edition; Windows 7
    ML184Turbo; ML186; ML320; ML320Turbo; ML320Turbo-D; ML320Turbo-n; ML321; ML321Turbo; ML321Turbo-D; ML321Turbo-n; ML380; ML390; ML390Plus; ML390Turbo; ML390Turbo-n; ML391; ML391Plus; ML391Turbo; ML391Turbo-n; ML395; ML395C; ML420; ML420-Black; ML420-Serial-Black; ML420n; ML420n-Black; ML421; ML421-Black; ML421-Serial-Black; ML421n; ML421n-Black; ML490; ML490n; ML491; ML491n; ML520; ML520n; ML521; ML521n; ML590; ML590n; ML591; ML591n; ML620; ML6300; ML6300FB; ML6300SC; ML8480FB; ML8810; PM3410; PM4410; B4100; B4200; B4250; B4250-Black; B4300; B4300n; B4350; B4350-Black; B4350n; B4350n-Black; B4350nPS; C5300n; C5300nccs; C5400; C5400dn; C5400dtn; C5400n; C5400tn; C7200; C7200-MarketingEdition; C7200-RealEstate; C7200n; C7200n-MarketingEdition; C7200n-RealEstate; C7300; C7300ccs; C7300dxn; C7300n; C7350hdn; C7350n; C7400DXn; C7400n; C7400nccs; C7500dxn; C7500n; C7500nccs; C7550hdn; C7550n; C9200; C9200dxn; C9200dxn-ProStudioEdition; C9200n; C9200n-MarketingEdition; C9200n-StudioEdition; C9200nccs; C9300; C9300dxn; C9300dxnColorSignage; C9300n; C9300nccs; C9400dxn; C9400dxnccs; C9500dxn; C9500dxn-ProStudioEdition; C9500dxnccs; C9500dxnColorSignage; OKIPAGE10e; OKIPAGE10ex; OKIPAGE12i-n; OKIPAGE14e; OKIPAGE14ex; OKIPAGE14i; OKIPAGE14i-n; OKIPAGE18; OKIPAGE18n; OKIPAGE20; OKIPAGE20DX; OKIPAGE20DXn; OKIPAGE24; OKIPAGE24DX; OKIPAGE24DXn; OKIPAGE24n; OKIPAGE6e; OKIPAGE6ex; OKIPAGE8c
    English (US); French; Spanish; Brazilian/Portuguese

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