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Chapter 2 Loading Paper
(User's Guide PM3410)
Setting Top of Form

The top of form is the place on the page where printing starts. When the printer advances to the next page, it stops at the top of form.

Your Pacemark printer stores the top of form position independently for the three standard types of paper feeding top, rear, and bottom.

The method of setting top of form is the same for all types of paper.

1. Feed a page into the printer by pressing the FORM FEED button.

2. Hold down the TOP OF FORM button while you adjust the page up or down using the MICRO FEED buttons. The red line on the plastic ribbon shield marks the base of the printing line--use this as a guide.

3. When you release the TOP OF FORM button, the position will be registered in the printers memory until you change it.

Note: If you want to reset the top of form to its original settings, turn off the printer, then hold down the SELECT and TOP OF FORM buttons while turning it on again. Keep in mind, however, that this will also cancel any changes you've made to the menu.
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