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Chapter 3 Using Software
(User's Guide ML292/293/294 (IBM))
Printing SuperCalc 3 Graphs

After you entered data for a graph, you must direct SuperCalc to the data location. Since the SuperCalc 3 manual explains how to use its graphic features very clearly, we recommend you read it before continuing these instructions.

Setting Up a Graph

What You DoWhat Happens
1. From the command line, type: /VSuperCalc displays its graph options.
2. Type: DSelects data. Screen will prompt you.
3. Type: C4:H7 <ENTER>Loads the location of the data and returns to the /view command line.
4. Type: H
Type: M
Type: A1
Type: H
Type: S
Type: A2 <ENTER> <ENTER>
Selects heading.
Selects main heading.
Enters the range.
Selects heading
Selects subheading.
Enters the range. Returns to the /view command line.
5. Type: V
Type: A4:A7 <ENTER>

Type: T
Type: A4:H4 <ENTER>
Selects var labels.
Enters the range. Screen will display the graphic command line.
Selects time labels.
Enters the range. Returns to the /view command line.
6. Type: G
Type: P
Press: <ENTER>
Selects graph type and setup.
Selects pie chart.
Exits the graph setup. You may have to press the <ENTER> key twice.

If you want to view a chart from the main spreadsheet, press the <F10> key. Press <ENTER> to return to the spreadsheet.

Printing a SuperCalc 3 Graph
What You DoWhat Happens
1. Type: /GGOSelects global graphics options.
2. Use the cursor keys to select the graph options from the menu.
3. After making your selections, press the <F2> key.Returns control to the global graphics command line.
4. Type: DSelects device menu.
5. Select: IBM Graphics <ENTER>Selects your IBM-Compatible OKIDATA printer.
6. Press <F2>Returns control to the global graphic command line.
7. Press <ENTER>Returns control to the spreadsheet.

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