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Chapter C Interfacing
(User's Guide ML182Turbo)
Cables and Connectors

This appendix is designed to help you make a cable to connect your printer to your computer. Please do not attempt to make a cable unless you're experienced in doing so. In this section we explain the signals from the printer~s end and you should read your computer documentation to determine the requirements on the computer's end.

NOTE: The next documentDatabase 'Users Manual ML182Turbo', View 'Table of Contents' gives the complete wiring requirements for many popular computers plus the printers' internal switch settings, so be sure you check there before you start making your cable.

Parallel Cable

The MICROLINE 182 Turbo requires a Centronics-equivalent parallel cable with the following:

Amphenol 57-30360 or AMP 552274-1 plug (or equivalent) with 36 pins

AMP 552073-1 (or equivalent) cover

Beldon (or equivalent) SHIELDED cable, maximum 5 1/2 yards with twisted pair conductors. It must be UL and CSA approved.

The printer has a 36-pin Amphenol 57-40360-12-D56 receptacle built in the back.

Pin #SignalReturn Pin #DirectionDescription
1 Data Strobe (low)19 To printer Strobe pulse of read data in. Pulse width must be more than 1 microsecond at receiving terminal. The signal level is normally high; read-in of data is performed at the rising edge of this signal.
Data 1
Data 2
Data 3
Data 4
Data 5
Data 6
Data 7
To printer
To printer
To printer
To printer
To printer
To printer
To printer
These signals represent information of the 1st to 8th bits of parallel data respectively. Each signal is at HIGH level when data is logical "1" and LOW when logical "0"
Data bit 8 can be grounded for 7 bit systems by setting function switch 1 to ON (MICROLINE emulation only).
10 Acknowledge (low)28 From printer Approximately 5 microsecond LOW pulse. LOW indicates that data has been received and that the printer is now ready to accept other data.
11 Busy 29 From printerA HIGH signal indicates that the printer cannot receive data. The signal becomes HIGH in the following cases
1. during data entry
2. during printing
3. in OFF LINE state
4. during printer error status
12 Paper End 30 From printer A HIGH signal indicates that the printer is out of paper.
13 Select No return From printer This signal indicates that the return printer is ready to receive data.
14 0V No return Ground
15Not used
16 0V No return GroundLogic ground
17 Chassis Ground No return Ground Printer's chassis ground. In the printer, the chassis ground and the logic ground are isolated from each other.
18 +5V From Printer+5V supply (50mA max.)
19-30 0V Ground Twisted pair return signal ground level.
31 I-Prime (low)To printer Clear/reset/initialize. Low pulse.
32 Fault From printer The level of this signal is LOW when the printer:
1. is in the paper end state
2. is in the OFF LINE state
3. is in the error state
33 0V No return Logic Ground
34-35 Not used
36 Pulled high No return
Serial Cable
The MICROLINE 182 Plus requires an RS232-C SHIELDED cable, UL and
CSA approved, no more than 50 feet in length, with the following:

- Cannon DB-25P plug (or equivalent) with 25 pins

- Cannon DB-C2-)9 (or equivalent) connector shell

Serial Interface Signal Requirements

Pin #SignalReturn Pin #DirectionDescription
1Protective GroundPGGroundConnected to the printer frame.
3 Receive Data RD To Printer Serial data received by the printer.
4 Request to Send RTS From PrinterAlways set to low (mark).
7 Signal Ground SG Ground Ground
11 Supervisory Send DataSSD From Printer Indicates the printer is not ready to receive data
20 Data Terminal Ready DTR From Printer Indicates the printer is not ready to receive data

See pages 9-10Database 'Users Manual ML182Turbo', View 'Table of Contents' switch setting information.
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