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Chapter 1 Configuration
(OkiLAN 8100 SoftNIC User's Guide)
Using a Web browser
If the print server is connected to the network using TCP/IP, its settings and the printer menu settings can be configured using a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 3.0 and higher, or Netscape Navigator version 3.0 and higher. No guarantees are offered for other browsers. Refer to the relevant manuals for details of how to launch and use the browser.

The network addresses used in this manual are shown as examples only. Network addresses used in your installation must be generated from your own network. To apply configuration changes using a Web browser, you will be prompted for a username and password. The username is [root] and the default password is the last six digits of the Ethernet address.

The following explanation uses Windows 95 and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 as an example.

1. Configure the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway for the network card. Launch the Web browser, enter the IP Address of the network interface card in [Address (Location/Position)] and press the [Enter] key. The Printer Status screen is displayed.

2. Click on a tab to see a particular Category, then click the items you want to change in the left column. For more details of corresponding items in WEB and TELNET equivalents, see the description in the Configurable Items and Default Values tables (Table 1 of 3) (Table 2 of 3) (Table 3 of 3)

3. To ensure correct operation, follow the procedure below for the appropriate network browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Netscape Navigator

If you change the window size of the browser immediately after changing the configuration, [Security information] may be displayed. Uncheck [Display this message next time] in the dialogue.

4. After making changes, click [Submit].

5. Enter [root] in User name and your password (default is the last six digits of the Ethernet address) in Password and click [OK].

6. After the new values are transmitted to the network card, the following screen is displayed. If a different message is displayed, check the settings.

For example: For Ethernet address 00:80:92:01:00:D2, a default password is [0100D2]. The Ethernet address (MAC address) is displayed during the self-diagnostic test.

The root password can be changed to allow you to configure the print server and printer by using a Web browser. The default password is the last six digits of the MAC address.

To change the root password for configuration via a Web browser, access [http://OKILAN IP address or hostname>/system_password.htm]. After inputting the current root password, this screen is displayed:

Input a new root password in [New Admin Password] and [Confirm New Admin Password] then select [Submit] button.

The root password for configuration via Web browser is different for AdminManager/TELNET/FTP. These passwords can be set in AdminManager or TELNET.

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