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Chapter 2 Advanced Management Features
(User's Guide OkiLAN 6200e Plus)
1. Select the Login as Admin link under the Configuration menu.

2. On the Enter Network Password screen, enter the User name and Password. The default administrator User name is admin. The default administrator Password is OkiLAN--- note that the password is case sensitive. We suggest that the print server administrator change the default administrator User name and Password. New User name and Password entries can contain up to 24 characters.

3. Select the appropriate link under the Configuration menu and modify the desired values on the page that appears.

NOTE: All values (except as noted on the following pages*) are configured exactly the same as in the OkiNet utility. Please refer to OkiNet for TCP/IP for instructions on configuration.

4. Select the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page to send the new values to the print server.

WARNING: Changes will not be saved if the Submit Changes button is not selected before continuing to another page.

5. A Request Results page will appear indicating one of the following:
* The following values are currently only configurable through the Web browser interface:

Web Admin Configuration

Under the Configuration menu, select the Admin(Web) link.

NOTE: The Admin Password is also used as the Telnet password.
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