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Chapter B Solving Problems
(User's Guide OKIPAGE16n)
Print Quality Problems

Before consulting a service representative regarding a print quality problem, check the table below to see if there is a solution, or something you might have overlooked.

Blank sheets printed.Image drum cartridge may have been exposed to light, or LED array or image drum contacts may have failed.Leave image drum cartridge in total darkness for several hours. If this fails to restore it , install a new image drum cartridge.
Empty or missing toner cartridge.Install new toner cartridge.
Entire page prints faintly.Empty toner cartridge. Pages get fainter after toner is used up.Install new toner cartridge.
Dirty LED array.Clean LED array.
Page has gray background.Static electricity causes toner to stick to backgroundChange papers to an acceptable laser bond and use a humidifier.
Generate a Drum Cleaning Page.
Image drum has been exposed to light.Leave image drum cartridge in total darkness for several hours. If this fails to restore it, install a new image drum cartridge.
Page prints all black.Hardware problemContact your service representative.
Page has repetitive marks.Excess toner in paper path.Generate a Drum Cleaning Page.
Damaged image drum cartridge causes repetitive marks due to surface nicks and scratches.Install new Image drum cartridge.
An oblong area of faint print appears on each page."Dropout" caused by using cotton bonds in high humidity. Moisture has affected paper.Change paper stocks or use a dehumidifier; check toner.
Vertical white streaking or faint areas on page.Toner is low and does not distribute properly or the drum is worn out.Replace toner cartridge.
Check drum and replace if necessary.
LED array dirty.Clean LED array.

Contact your service representa-tive.
Vertical black linesToner is low.Replace toner cartridge.
Scratched image drum.Replace the image drum cartridge.
Hardware problem.Contact service representative.
Fuzzy printDirty LED array.Clean LED array.
Distorted printPaper path lamp assembly or fusing unit problem.Generate Drum Cleaning Page.
Contact service representative.
White blotches or faded gray areas and temperature or humidity is high or low.Difficult environment.Check toner. If okay, adjust settings in Maintenance Menu.
Faded print after installation.Toner cartridge is not correctly installed.Install toner cartridge correctly.
Smeared or blotched print.Dirty or defective fuser assembly or other hardware problem.Generate Drum Cleaning Page.
Contact your service representa-tive.
Printed page is light or blurred.Is toner low?Replace toner cartridge.
Is paper used designed for laser printers?Use recommended paper.
LED array is dirty.Clean LED array.
Bold characters and dark lines are smeared.Toner is low.Install new toner cartridge.
Print is darker than usual.Darkness setting is too high.Change Darkness setting in Menu.
Smoothing is blending high density gray patterns.Turn Smoothing in Menu to OFF.
Pages curl excessivelyPrinting on wrong side of paper.Turn paper over in tray. Note print side arrow on paper package. Install paper print side down in paper drawer.
Moisture in paper. Improper storage.Avoid storing paper in areas of excessive temperature changes and humidity.
High Humidity.Recommended operating condi- tions humidity: 20-80%.

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